Bespoke furniture & homeware

I design and build some unique products in my own fully equipped workshop,  I add a touch of technology to the common and traditional products that people use everyday to make life easier for them or have things more accessible. I use the very best material and always on the lookout to find and use new techniques or substances to awe people.

So if you are looking for more than just a furniture for your home then I'm deffinately your guy, you can see some examples below or for more complete and in depth information you can checkout my brand "GACH" which I created specifically for my crafts.

Crafts - Bespoke Furniture and Homeware

Here are a few samples where I used : Wood, Leather, Metal, Epoxy and Cement.

BG_Siena_Stud-Side-Table-Jade copy

Leather Table with Gold Studs

This is one of my all time favourites which I have built a few times in different colours and every single one of them has it's own feel and character about it.

Usually takes about 2-3 weeks to build one from scratch and it could be in any size that you want, both as a side table and dining table.

This could also come with a matching mirror to fill that empty space on your livingrooms wall.

Epoxy Glass and Cement Side Table

Inspired by the work of Ben Young this Side Table / Sculpture is a total conversation piece, which will bring so much colour and energy to your living room.

The Translucent part is made of Epoxy and it's possible to have that in any colour that you want, altough this product takes at least a couple of months to be made.

Armin Sheibani - Epoxy and Cement Side Table
Gach Knife-no logo

Wooden Knife with Stainless Steel Blade

This Wooden knife is a total work of art, coming with a matching chopping board and a block to store the knife safely.

The knifes blade is made of Stainless Steel which has been previously heated to make it stronger.