Creating professional visual
content and branding imagery

Capturing modern, engaging, eye-catching commercial, corporate and product photographs for web content, social media and marketing.

Commercial photography includes a wide range of photography niches to create high-quality images for commercial purposes.

In the era of social media, everyone wants to see who you are! Images help to promote your business, work, or services.

Digital Photography - Photo Retouching



This type of photography could be done both in and out of the studio, usually involving paid models who are advertising a product/service or a concept design for a fashion designer.



Having a propper studio lighting is the must for this type of photography as you need to capture every detail. I can also build your own setup at your place of work if you have an online shop.



The editorial restaurant shots require food styling to get the food looking it's best for the camera. At the same time, creating lighting that makes the food look enticing yet natural.



This means taking photos of people in their work environment.
I'll be showing how the business maintains a high level of care for their clients.



Headshot sessions are quick and fun. But they require a connection with the subject and giving them direction on posing in a limited time frame. Very Different with Catwalk.



This category involves photographing a space for commercial purposes. This is to showcase the architect’s design or to show the appeal of a retail store, usually with a few well-placed people.