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Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things Season 3 - On Netflix

The wait is finally over, Stranger Things Season 3 is out now all on NETFLIX.

******** SPOILER ALERT ********

******** SPOILER ALERT ********

******** SPOILER ALERT ********

What an ending to the season, it literally one of the biggest cliff hangers, Although, I’m pretty sure Hopper is alive and in Russian prison, that last few seconds where it said something about the “AMERICAN” is probably talking about hopper, however, if they do kill hops it would be it for me, I’m not sure if the producers and writers this days believe that it makes the show better if they kill off a main character, they are very so wrong in my opinion. You spend years building that emotion and feelings for the characters and recently in every show they do that where in some of them is very unneccessary, like in Walking Dead, they didn’t really have to kill Glen tho did they ?! since then the show has gone downhill, up to a point that I stopped watching it.

So let’s hope Stranger Things Writer are more clever than doing something like that.

Well now have to wait a whole year for the next season.