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Love for food

Love for food - Fresh ingredients - Cooking

My love for food is so pure and honest, I wasn’t always this way, like many other kids when I was younger I was a very picky eater, I don’t like this, I don’t eat that and then one day everything changed, I’m not going into explaining what happened and what was the reason, at least not today, maybe in another post but what happened to me changed my life for good and bad.

From that day, I started looking at food completely differently, meals was no more just a mission to feed my hunger, I started appreciating every single bite and every spoon.

I started having a new respect for fresh ingredients, herbs and cooking. I started thinking with myself that as an adult normally 8 hours work, 6-8 hours sleep and then you have 8 hours to live your life, so instead of microwaving a pre packed meal and have my food ready in 3 minutes and being proud of myself that I saved time, I started cooking. There are some stuff that changes your quality of life without you knowing it and for me, this was one of them. I started enjoying the preparation, cutting and washing vegetables, trying different combinations. You know when you do it with passion it’s no more a choir but a very relaxing and meditation like experience.

Specially when you get good at it and start understanding the relation between taste buds and textures and when you learn more about different herbs and flavours.

Not only you spend some of your time enjoying and relaxing but also you start eating healthy and if you are in a relationship you wouldn’t believe the positive effect it has in your relationship with your partner, whenever I cook for my girlfriends or friends, they feel special and they can feel the love I put in and it’s just interaction between partners which we have lost so much this days to iPhones and iPads and tv, this is a good couple of hours you are spending with your better half laughing, talking and interacting.

Even clean up is not like before anymore, I enjoy the feel of warm water on my hands, the sound of water and dishes.

I learned to respect myself more than anything else, I eat everything, but now when I know how harmful some foods are, like ice cream which is my favourite thing in the world, I wouldn’t just eat any ice cream, I only eat an ice cream that worth eating, a pizza that worth eating, no more store board pizzas or after midnight greasy pizza. I eat pizza that it’s freshly made, fresh dough and fresh ingredients.

So when you start looking at food like this which it is more about self respect rather than food, it changes your life, your health and in result the quality of your life and level of happiness.