How Beaver Builder Revolutionised Web Design

Beaver Builder has done it for Website Design what iPhone did for mobile phone industry, it has totally raised the bar. I have been a proffesional designer for over 2 decades and I must say that Beaver Builder just brought back the Spark and Firework for me.

Beaver Builder Comparison to other Page Builders

I remember when BeTheme brought out Muffin Builder which was one of the first top page builders and got us all very excited by allowing Sections and Columns. I know this is a very basic subject for a web developer, I myself have a programming background, I used to write Visual Basic, Borland C++, Object Oriented, However, I have focused on the Design side of things for over 15 years now and I understand how amazing this page builder functionalities are for Digital/Interface Designers like me who are heavily invested on the design side of things and having a little freedom like that without coding is just amazing.

Unfortunately for Muffin Builder and simillar page builder in that level it’s good bye unless they up theire game which is kinda pointless now with Beaver Builder around.

As of a little higher level page builder like Visual Composer (WPBakery), they are no where near the level of Beaver Builder, Although there are tons of plugins out there which only works with them, which I suppose this will probably be solved in the next few years where most of developers out there are going to switch or atleast create a compatible version with Beaver Builder.

The closest competition would be Divi Builder and Elementor Pro which to be fair I still prefer Beaver Builder to both of them, Divi Builder is perfect for more amature designers who wouldn’t require any post relationships or dynamic work, Divi is very easy to use, I would say for people who want to make theire own personal website and don’t want to spend a lot of money with a designer, Divi Builder is actually a very good choice and would do the job.

Elementor Pro is almost the same as Beaver Builder in terms of functionality and supported addons, however, a very big and obvious difference is the way they have been designed, I ready some articles where people was saying Beaver Builder is easier to use and Elementor Pro is for more pro users which I believe that’s totally wrong as you can achieve everything you do with Elementor Pro with Beaver Builder but in much smoother way and that’s why they have actually designed the software better and in more logical way, if I want to give you an example it’s the difference between iPhone and Android phones, which you can feel the smoother design.

You can buy Beaver Builder Here.

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