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From Dusk Till Dawn

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When people do meditation or take hallucinogenic drugs they enter a different state of mind which allows them to see things differently and think differently, I always get to that state when I’m deep in to my creative and design work, sometimes it takes over 15 hours straight, no food, no sleep, but that’s the thing, when I get to that point I can’t just stop, I have to keep going.

I do most of my creative work at very late night/early morning, normally I start at 6-7 pm but then I look at the time and it’s 4-5 in the morning, there is this peace and quiet which you think your breathing would be too loud, the sound of the wind and then the birds start singing, sometimes they are sooo loud that it’s unbelievable.

You know how you have a yoga teacher to guide you through your journey and to help you achieve what you are looking for, this is exactly the same and for you to achieve that state of mind there are few things that you need: Lighting or to be more correct mood lighting, you need to create a right ambiant and then there is MUSIC.

Music is the key, right music can take you to places that you can’t normally go. I will try and share some of my playlist in the next posts.

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