Booking Solution

Appointment Booking
has never been any easier

Using my state of the art and fully automayed Appointment Booking System will save you tons of time and money which leave you focusing in what really matters and to grow your business, the system is capable to work for any business that require appointment booking such as:

  • Massage Place

  • SPA

  • Hair/Nail Salon

  • Medical Centre

  • Dentist

  • Barber Shop


Shared Resources

Avoid double bookings with
my state of the art booking solution

One of the major flaws in most of the other Booking systems out there is that it doesn't count for shared resources which is crucial when it comes to such businesses as SPA, Massage Centre, Hair or Nail Salon or any other business which the number of people who providing the service is greater than the number of resources which they require to share the resources for example have 5 bed/chair  and 10 therapis/stylist, my system is able to allocate the employees time to the specific resource such as chair, bed, room, computer as well as taking the availabilitie of that persons in to consideration.

Shared Resources

My platform is fully compatible with all mobile devices allowing you to be on top of your business from anywhere.

Customer Support

24/7 Around the clock customer service as well as tailor-made tutorial videos made specifically for your company.

Team Management

I arrange team meetings to go through all the features with everyone and to add new features based on their request.